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Family Law

Bobbi-Jo practices in all areas of family law including: Divorce, Separation Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements, Marriage Contracts, Custody/Access/ Parenting Arrangements, Child & Spousal Support, and Equalization / Property Division.  Bobbi-Jo utilize alternative dispute resolution methods to keep your matter out of court and to get your issues resolved as quickly and as cost efficient as possible.   Where alternate dispute resolution methods are not appropriate or desired, Bobbi-Jo has the experience needed to litigate your matter effectively.


Child Protection

Bobbi-Jo works with parents to help them in their dealings with the Children's Aid Society, whether it is after a child has been apprehended or with your negotiations of a voluntary service agreement.  Having experience from both parent side and Society side, Bobbi-Jo is well positioned to help you through this difficult time.


Wills & Powers of Attorney

Bobbi-Jo understands the unique nature of estate planning.  Bobbi-Jo is compassionate and extremely diligent in the preparation, execution, and amendments of new and existing Wills and Powers of Attorney.

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Legal Aid & Unbundled Legal Services

Bobbi-Jo accepts a limited number of legal aid certificates for family court, separation agreements, child protection.   Bobbi-Jo is also one of the few lawyers in the area who accept    2-Hour Domestic Violence Certificates.

Bobbi-Jo understands that divorce and separation creates immense financial strain and the costs of comprehensive representation may not be feasible.  Bobbi-Jo also offers services on an a limited retainer basis, called "unbundled legal services".  The unbundling of legal services provides you with options for qualified representation or professional guidance on the issues you need help with most (ex. drafting court documents, providing limited representation in court on a specific issue, legal coaching, etc.)  Call now to find out more.

Practice Areas: Practice Areas
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